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Navigating through Novel
Navigating through Novel

Learn how to move around and perform quick actions on Novel

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Navigation basics on Novel

Novel is designed to be intuitive in helping you navigate from action to action, whether you're on desktops or on mobile screens.

The desktop navbars

The desktop navbars.

On all screens, Novel has two navigation bars at any time:-

  • A sidebar for primary navigation: The sidebar allows you to access the main sections of Novel.

  • The top bar for actions: The top bar allows you to access actions that are relevant to the page you are on. For example, on the profile page, you'll see Add items, which opens the profile palette, allowing you to add all sorts of items to your profile.

Using the sidebar

The sidebar menu is the primary way to navigate around Novel. Apart from the dashboard, the sidebar (on large screens) will be open by default. The sidebar is retractable by pressing the

button, or by pressing the S key.

Pressing the Profile, Video, or Files buttons will take you to the respective pages. Under journals, (on large screens), you'll be able to click from a list of your current journals and navigate to the respective journal page. By clicking the Journal button itself, or by pressing the J key, you'll open the Journal panel. Learn more about journals

Next, you'll see the status of your trial, if you're not a pro user yet. You can click the Upgrade button to upgrade to a pro account.

Finally, you'll see three buttons:

  • Help and support: Clicking this button will take you to the help page.

  • Settings: Clicking this button will open the settings dialog. See here for more information on settings.

  • Sign out: Clicking this button will immediately log you out of Novel.

Using the Top bar

On the dashboard You'll see two buttons: the calendar button (marked by the current date), and the task

button. Press these (or use the keyboard shortcuts C and T respectively) to open your calendar and task manager. You can learn more about your calendar and tasks here.

On the profile page You'll see a button marked

Add items. This will open the profile palette, which allows you to add all kinds of objects to your profile.

On the video list page You'll see a button marked

Record a video. This will open the video recorder page.

You'll also (on large screens) see breadcrumbs on the top left, indicating where you are. all of these will be clickable except the last item in the list, allowing you to navigate back to where you came from.

Additionally, when the sidebar is retracted, the

button, which allows you to navigate to the dashboard will be replaced by the

button, which will allow you to expand the sidebar again.

Now that you have the basics on how to navigate Novel, you can learn more by reading further.

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