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Get AI-assisted advice for journals
Get AI-assisted advice for journals

Use Novelist to strategize your career navigation.

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How Novelist can help hit your career goals

Novelist is a dedicated AI companion that can help you write your profile. Novelist is designed to help you strategize professionally by providing you with suggestions and ideas.

Novelist is available in two forms on your profile:

Inline editor

Within writing materials, you can access Novelist to get real-time writing advice.

Typing the # key on a new line in the editor opens Novelist here. Press any of the action buttons to get intelligent hints on how you should approach each section. If you've selected text or have already written something, Novelist will take it into account, and review it to provide you better advice.


Novelist bubble panel.

Novelist chat is available on the actions panel of either the journal or the entry page. Click the novelist AI button on the top-right of the screen to activate it.

Novelist is a simple, intelligent chat interface that is aware of where you are in the app, giving you context-specific prompts and advice. You can select one of the prompts provided to you to begin, or ask it anything. Novelist can read your profile and give you advice.

Within entries, Novelist is aware of your status at all times. You'll get specific prompts on how to get advice, based on where you are in your entry.

A note about Novelist (and AI)

Novelist can be an excellent companion for you to get advice on your profile, on hitting career goals, and on approaching everything you've set out to accomplish with Novel. Remember to use it as a tool, and not as a replacement for your own judgement.

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