Setting Goals

Center your journal around a goal you're aiming for.

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Settings goals in your journal

A journal is built around the goal you're trying to achieve. This goal is a career goal you're aiming for. You can set a goal from a list of recommended goals based on common objectives you're trying to achieve.

You can set a goal in two places:-

  • While creating a journal, on the 'Select a goal' dropdown.

  • On the journal page, the 'Add a Goal' panel will be visible by default if you haven't set one while creating.

Note: You can only set one goal per journal.

Setting a goal.

You'll be recommended common goals based on the info you've provided while setting up. You can choose custom goals by pressing the "Choose a custom goal button"

Once you've selected your goal, you'll be able to add contextual detail and attributes to it, to help you better target you efforts, focus on what you're trying to achieve and track your progress. This will also give Novelist more information to help you better.

Note: Once you've set a goal, you can't change it. You can create a new journal to target more goals.

Now, you can see and create sharing links for your journal. Read on to find out more.

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