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Create a space to track your efforts, step-by-step
Create a space to track your efforts, step-by-step

Create Journal Entries to target individual initiatives.

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What are Journal Entries?

A Journal Entry is an individual effort in your step towards achieving your career goal. Journal entries are of four types:-

  • Job Applications: Track your job applications, from application to offer.

  • Project Bids: Manage your efforts for winning individual projects, step-by-step.

  • Consulting initiatives: Free-form step-by-step tracking space for winning consulting/coaching gigs, anything where you're trying to establish a long-term relationship.

  • Pitches For the entrepreneurs, track your pitches of all types, from the first meeting to the final offer.

With journal entries, you have a dedicated space to track career initiatives like these in detail. With tasks, writing spaces, and novelist, you can powerfully and intelligently direct your efforts towards your career goals.

How to create a Journal Entry

To create an entry, simply click on the Create one to get started button on your entries card on the journal page, which is visible when you don't have any entries for the selected journal. If you have entries, you'll see a button marked Add another. Make as many entries as you like for a journal.

Now, the action panel on the journal page (which is on the right on large screens, and at the bottom on mobile screens) will give you options to create entries. Select a type to continue:-

Choosing entry type

Note: It's recommended to set a goal for your journal first, as the options for your entry will be fine-tuned based on your goal.

You can add details to this entry. Add a descriptive title, and description. Based on the type of entry, you'll see different options. For example, for a job application, you'll see options to add the company name, job title, and the job description. For a project bid, you'll see options to add the project name, and the project description, and so forth.

Creating an entry

Pressing the save button will save your entry. Upon saving, you'll be redirected to the Entry page for your new entry.

Read further to learn how to use journal entries.

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